Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Growing up , I was never into girly stuff , rather enjoyed playing most of the games that were clearly meant for boys , often the only girl who was happily accepted in the neighborhood boys gangs based on only one merit ... Gurujinchee mulgi..
But the craze for the saree was there from very early years, initially wrapping around dupattas of older cousins to trying Ma's sarees when she was not at home. The professional choice and admission to TISs brought a very weird imagination of me in the eyes of my family. Until then , OMg what trouble this girl is going to invite next was the only thing that my family could think of about me! Of course, I had given them ample reasons to believe in my capabilities of causing havoc which in my mind was a successful rebellion. This ranged from breaking marriage engagements, going bald from long chotis to hiding at friends for all summer holidays to avoid further proposals of marriage. So me choosing social work and wearing sarees was a big relief for the troubled minds at home who gifted me white sarees for each occasion that year -be it a Eid or some cousin's wedding!
I loved all of them except the jazzy ones that were the latest craze of TV series in late 90s. My work with various NGOs took me to different parts of India and I returned with a local brand of saree from each visit ...Some of them gifted to me by local organisations but most found in local markets ...In those pre Google era finding about local crafts and vivid designs that always rooted in local history, geography and made from available resources was a discovery in itself . My wardrobe was gradually full of this vibrant representation of several mini Indias ...
Then I moved to the UK, carried some sarees with me here ...They remained at the bottom of suitcases in the absence of any occasion and due to the weather particular not suitable to wear them here. Every trip to India and sight of all those sarees hanging in the wardrobe , not touched for several months was difficult to bear. One such trip , I removed all of them and gave some to sisters, friends; keeping very few that are still difficult to part with .
Nowadays once a year comes an opportunity , an occasion thanks to some Indian/Asian friends who still believe in traditional stuff and arrange programmes where my sarees get to go ...
Today is one of them so here I am and my happy saree ...... 25th December, 2016

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